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Rich Surek

With over 20 years of experience, Richard Surek has the knowledge to assist you with all of your real estate needs. After Richard Surek served in the first Gulf War, and fulfilled 7 years in the US Navy in intelligence he began his career in mortgage lending. Since 1996 he has focused on service, his reputation in the industry and with establishing long lasting relationships with his clients. His reputation came about the old fashion way- through honesty and hard work. The majority of his clients come to him via recommendations and word of mouth. It's one thing to be known throughout the community but he is also recognized by many lenders and business leaders. His clients are his marketing. IF you have found this site, its a good chance you heard about him.

It's rewarding to help a family save money on their mortgage or be involved with the purchase of a new home. Mortgage and Real Estate are his industries, and making connections and building relationships is what Rich is all about.

You've come to the right company, you've come to the right person, get in touch with Rich today!

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